ANTON ALICE is a Stockholm-based unisex brand for premium bags. The design vision is a timeless, minimalistic bag that has the power to make a statement for its carrier. Keeping you in mind, ANTON ALICE put a lot of effort into equipping the bags with all sought-after features.⁠⁠ The sleek design makes the bags equally suitable for their carrier, no matter their identity. 


The finest material and high-quality craftsmanship make the design come to life. Our partners are family-own companies in Italy with a long tradition of craftsmanship tradition., who also work with well-known luxury brands like Moschino och Maserati.
ANTON ALICE is conscious of the environment and cares for the people who contribute to the product. Together with a timeless design, the craftsmanship is the foundation for your bag's long, sustainable life. 

Working as a professional in business- and product development, I have wanted a creative challenge for myself. I started by taking lessons in saddle leather stitching and sewed my first Tote Bag. Immediately, I began to get appreciated comments about the bag from unknown people in the lobby, in the elevator. Then I knew the time was right. In March 2019, I launched the brand ANTON ALICE with my first design, Tote Bag No1.

Katharina Döberl

Founder of ANTON ALICE