– ”The details creates the experience” 

ANTON ALICE is a Stockholm-based unisex brand for premium leather bags founded in 2019.


I am passionate about details. That’s why I pay a lot of attention to every aspect of our products, from design, colour, material, craftsmanship, and packaging. It’s the details that will create the experience.

At ANTON ALICE, we offer a range of timeless, minimalistic bags that make a statement for their carrier. I take pride in equipping the bags with all the sought-after features you would expect from a premium brand.

The sleek design makes the bags suitable for everyone, regardless of their identity. Our well-thought-out colour palette makes it easy to match any business or casual outfit.


I started my career in business and product development and managed teams in larger enterprises. After some years, I wanted to do a creative challenge for myself. One day, I stumbled upon a course in saddle stitching. I have always been intrigued by design and quality materials like leather. Soon, I started designing and hand-stitching leather accessories. Inspired by the iconic rucksack from Fjällräven. I created my version of the rucksack and transformed it into a tote bag. I started carrying my tote bag to work, and soon, people commented about it. Strangers in the lobby, in the elevator, in the coffee shop. They asked me where I got it, and I proudly told them I had made it myself.

That’s when I decided to turn my hobby into a business. In March 2019, I launched my brand, ANTON ALICE, with my first design, Tote Bag No. 1, as the signature product. The brand carries the name of my twins, who are my constant source of inspiration.

          Katharina Döberl
          Founder of ANTON ALICE