Stylish and interesting business bags

I have always admired entrepreneurs who work hard, believe in their ideas and found companies. For a long time, working as a professional, I have wanted to have a creative challenge in my life. 

Finally in 2018, after taking lessons in saddle leather stitching, the timing was right to start preparing for ANTON ALICE. I named the brand after my children and twins, Anton & Alice, who have always been my inspiration.

My idea is to make stylish and interesting bags for professionals when carrying their essentials to work. A laptop bag doesn't have to be boring or without character. The bag I desire, have a modern design, created with quality awareness and makes a statement for it's carrier. 

In March 2019 the brand was launch and my first design, the Tote Bag No1, was ready for business. This bag is today carried by several powerful and influential business leaders in Sweden. 

Katharina Döberl
Founder of ANTON ALICE